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The Catholic Church in England calls upon electro-pop band to write music to promote vocations

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The Catholic Church in England calls upon electro-pop band to write music to promote vocations

ENGLAND – The Catholic Church has called upon electro-pop band, ooberfuse, to write the soundtrack for its new nationwide vocations framework. Father Christopher Jamison OSB commissioned the band following the global success of Heart’s Cry, the Church’s Youth Anthem for the visit of Pope Benedict XVIth to the UK in September 2010.

Father Jamison hopes the universal call to holiness in Christ will be highlighted and amplified through the medium of pop music which for the first time is being used by the Church to help promote a culture of vocation. The song, Call My Name, is released on Monday 29th May 2012.

Listen to the track here:

Hal from ooberfuse says : “It was a challenge to write a song that captures the essence of something as sacred and as intimate as being spoken to and summoned by God in the deepest recesses of our hearts. When God speaks to us he does so in a strange and other worldly language that it is sometimes hard if not altogether impossible to render into intelligible words. His gentle yet persistent call cuts through the clamour and roar of contemporary life treading as softly as dove’s footsteps. For some pop music is part of the noise that drowns out the sound of divinity, desensitising us to the transcendent. On the face of it, it seems incongruous that pop music, especially dub-step, should be used to heighten our awareness of God’s call to each one of us.’

Father Jamison says : “What a wonderful gift ooberfuse has given to the Church in this song. We thank them most sincerely for responding so creatively and generously to my suggestion. The words are poetic and inspired, worthy of the psalms!”

Cherrie, front-woman of ooberfuse adds : “Shortly after submitting our song to Father Jamison we discovered that Cheryl Cole plans to release a song with the identical name! This is a weird and uncanny coincidence. Whereas her song is about her lover calling out her name, our song is about God calling out our name summoning us to a higher life in which we fulfil our holy and God-given destinies. Our song Call My Name is a single in our upcoming album Seventh Wave which will be out in August 2012.”

The National Vocations Framework is a three-year vision for encouraging Catholic vocations in England and Wales. Released by the National Office for Vocation, it is the practical expression of the Bishops’ desire to “proclaim the universal call to holiness in Christ by promoting a culture of vocation.” It takes to a new level the culture of vocation that has been developing in recent years. The desired outcome is for more people to be actively discerning how to respond to the call of Christ.

Father Christopher Jamison OSB, is the Director of the National Office for Vocation. Fr Christopher is well known for his work on TV (The Monastery and The Big Silence) and for his books (Finding Sanctuary and Finding Happiness.) He served for many years as headmaster of Worth School and has a particular interest in the role of school leadership in fostering a culture of vocation. In 2004, Fr Christopher established the Compass project, a vocation discernment programme based at Worth Abbey that has also recently opened in the North West of England.

ooberfuse ( is an experimental music project led by Cherrie and Hal. They share a common vision to infuse the increasingly moribund traditions of western pop with fresh eastern vigour. By refusing the standard conventions that determine the contemporary pop scene they invite their audience to rediscover ooberfuse-iasm not just for contemporary pop but for life itself! In addition to performing in front of 2million young pilgrims in the Madrid World Youth Day in 2011 they also sang the Youth Anthem for Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK IN 2010.

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