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Called to be a Deacon – Poem by Deacon Antonio

June 26, 2012 No Comments

June 26, 2012 /


Called to be a Deacon
(Reflections of Candidates in Formation)

By Deacon Antonio Sandoval

God called me to be a deacon;
He gave me the invitation.
The Church has need of your help;
She calls you to this vocation.

We have very few priests,
And they need a helping hand
To help shepherd God’s people,
Everywhere throughout this land.

It was difficult to accept,
But I promised to do my best
Placing my trust in the Lord,
Hoping that He’d do the rest.

We started in our Formation,
And it wasn’t very easy
Changing attitudes and learning.
It just kept us very busy.

Then we came to realize
Not everything depends on us,
If we ask our Lord for help
He’ll help us carry our cross.

When God calls us for a mission
He also provides the ways
To succeed in our spiritual journey,
And live our vocation with grace.

Yes, I want to be a deacon
To be a servant of all.
By the power of God’s Spirit
I’ll be fulfilling my call.

The Blessed Virgin will help me,
She’ll always be by my side
To guard me and to protect me,
And to serve as my holy guide.

Someday I will be ordained
By the laying-on of hands,
Then God will give the grace
To comply with His demands.

I don’t deserve any credit,
This is the work of God’s grace
With a grateful and humble heart
My service will give Him praise.

Note: I teach in the Deacon Formation classes in the Archdiocese of Denver and I wrote this poem to reflect the sentiments of men in the Formation Classes.

Read More by Deacon Antonio here.

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